Our Skin and Fragrance

The skin is the largest organ in the body, considering the wide surface area it covers. With its distinct composition, plus plenty of other factors, it’s no wonder why our skin reacts differently to scents and perfumes, with some effects being subtle and barely noticeable, while others are not. Regardless, you’ll find that donning on perfume always gives a unique experience.

When it comes to scents, the skin’s natural acidity plays a big role, not just in the way a fragrance smells, but also in terms of health. This pH level actually helps the body resist bacteria. On the other hand, certain factors, including age, diet, medical conditions, and using alkaline soap, can offset the skin’s natural pH level, and so can alter the smell of the perfume.

Speaking of diet, certain food and beverages can also affect how our skin smells, and thus also alters how perfume will smell. Changes in hormone levels and illnesses have the same effect. Genetics is a critical factor as well, though its effect on scents is subtler.

Each of us have a natural odor, which can be influenced by our emotions such as fear, anxiety, disgust, anger and excitement. Though we might try to mask it with perfumes, our special scent will always linger, and that contributes to our individuality.

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