NATCO Perfumes

The Grasse Fragrance Company is the exclusive distributor of renowned French fragrances supplier Expressions Parfumées (EP) in the Philippines. Now, we are proud to announce that EP has developed unique perfume raw materials in the form of NATCO® (NATural COmpounds) organic fragrance oil. This will help round up Grasse Fragrance’s portfolio as a top fragrance supplier and perfume supplier in the country.

NATCO® perfumes can adapt to products labeled as “organic” to comply with regulatory requirements. This is an innovative step forward in perfume making and fragrance making, especially with the rise of natural-branded products. NATCO perfumes are sources from carefully cultivated sources, subject to the stringent research and innovation standards of EP. Our partner employs strict traceability methods to ensure that these natural claims are up to standard.

Even beyond perfume suppliers, fragrance oils are used for cosmetics and body care. Since using pure essential oils can be costly, NATCO scents are now a great alternative as scent ingredients in any natural product. This is clearly a gamechanger for fragrances suppliers.

Expressions Parfumées is a pioneer in the development of these ECOCERT-certified perfume raw materials, with NATCO being their unique creation. With this partner, Grasse Fragrance can move a step closer to being a sustainable fragrances supplier and perfume supplier, ready to ride the wave of health and wellness products.

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