Grasse Partners with SMYPC for Glass Jars and Glass Food Packaging

The Grasse Fragrance Company is proud to announce its partnership with San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC). As SMYPC’s licensed distributor, we have added an even wider range of glass food jars in the Philippines and glass bottles to our existing product lines for food and beverage entrepreneurs.

This partnership has allowed us to expand our packaging options. From a selection of cosmetic plastic bottles, we now offer a full range of food jars with lids and beverage containers, ranging from glass to food-grade plastic (PET-E). Aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs now have a variety of choices, with these new glass jars for sale. These are available in different sizes for all food packaging needs.

This is thanks to our collaboration with SMYPC: a global manufacturer of packaging solutions for the food and beverage, personal care, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. A joint venture of prestigious Asian conglomerates San Miguel Corporation and Nihon Yamamura Glass Company, Ltd., SMYPC provides innovative and affordable packaging for consumers, while committing to environmental sustainability.

We are happy to be SMYP’s partner as a glass jar supplier in Manila. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our product line in the future and explore our glass jars with lids today. The possibilities are endless in terms of food businesses and entrepreneurship––your ingenuity is what matters.

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