Grasse Fragrance Tutorials: Perfume Bottles to Fit Your Fragrance

Welcome to our fragrance tutorial series! As the top fragrance and perfume bottle supplier in Manila, the Grasse Fragrance team gets a lot of questions about perfume making. Here, we’ll teach you how to start your own perfume business with our tips and tricks. For this post, let’s talk about choosing the correct fragrance bottle and perfume bottle supplier for your products.

As an entrepreneur, you probably have a dream product in mind, and packaging has a lot to do with that. After all, it’s the look that hooks. But when it comes to perfume bottles, what’s inside has a lot to do with how you choose the outside. Picking a fragrance bottle simply for aesthetic purposes––and not for practical ones––could spell danger to your precious fragrance blend.

We covered some of this in our tutorial about fragrance oil storage: keeping oils in darker fragrance bottles helps them stay fresh for longer, especially since some are light-sensitive. Perfume has fragrance oil diluted with other chemicals, which might already help with the sensitivity––but this isn’t always the case.

Luckily, we’re here to show you the possibilities of perfume packaging. Let us take you on a tour of some options for your product:

  1. Clear perfume glass bottles

Perfume glass bottles instantly give off a classy look for your perfume. Because glass is thicker and heavier, it’s usually slightly more expensive than plastic perfume bottles. If you’re choosing a clear bottle, then ensure that your perfume is not light-sensitive. Take it from us as a glass bottle supplier: You should also consider transport and storage logistics of your product, since glass is a more fragile packaging material.

On the upside, glass is more heat-resistant and thicker than PET, making it less prone to leakage and melting in hot places. Then again, perfume should not be stored in hot areas for long either.

Anyhow, we have both clear (transparent) and frosted (translucent) glass bottles for you. Whether you’re looking for small samplers or bigger square bottles, The Grasse Fragrance Company has an array of sizes and shapes ready.

  1. Colored perfume glass bottles

Colored glass bottles are an option if you still want a premium look but have light-sensitive products. You can choose fully colored glass bottles or go for an even more unique gradient coloring. From pink to purple, red, blue, and more, there are certainly eye-catching perfume bottles that will make your fragrance stand out. For all other aspects, the same considerations for clear glass bottles apply. You can always consult your perfume glass bottle supplier for more recommendations.

  1. Clear and light white PET perfume bottles

PET is a strong and lightweight plastic that can be less costly. Again however, make sure that you won’t be leaving products in excessively hot areas that can melt or deform PET. If this works, you have a lot more options open to you. Grasse is also a fragrance bottle supplier in the Philippines for PET, so we carry them in a number of shapes: different round, tubular, oval, butterfly, and more.

  1. Cobalt blue PET or dark amber PET perfume bottles

For those seeking darker shades for light-sensitive products but still want the benefits of PET––there are definitely still choices for you. Cobalt blue and amber are popular as dark colors that remind you of apothecary goods. The same applies in the modern day, since these colors are dark enough for certain products to remain stable for longer. Want to learn more about fragrances and packaging? Get a head start on your perfume business with The Grasse Fragrance Company as a trusted fragrance bottle supplier and perfume glass bottle supplier in the Philippines. We offer a variety of fragrance oils, PET bottles, glass perfume bottles, jars, and other perfume raw materials or packaging solutions. To learn more about our products and services, follow us at and shop at today.

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