Grasse Fragrance Tutorials: Fragrance Supplies for Anti-Insect and Citronella Diffuser Products

Welcome to our fragrance tutorial series! As the top fragrance and perfume bottle supplier in Manila, the Grasse Fragrance team gets a lot of questions about fragrance making and perfume raw materials. Here, we’ll teach you how to start your own perfume business with our tips and tricks. For this blog, we’ll walk you through insect guard fragrances and diffuser bottles.

It seems like fragrance revolves around delicate scents and hygiene, simply a personal care or beauty concern. However, smell is such a powerful trigger that fragrances suppliers and perfume makers shouldn’t discount it for more practical uses. Repelling insects is always a problem in our tropical country, and if fragrances can help, then you just may have struck upon a lucrative idea.

Many commercial insect repellents have a reputation for strong chemical scents. But if you’ve stepped into any health and wellness store or even perfume suppliers in recent years, you may have noticed a rise in natural-branded products, particularly repellents based on strong herbal scents like citronella.

We’ve been a fragrances supplier for a while and can help you spot new opportunities. Anti-mosquito products or insect repellants can definitely be an interesting venture, and we have the perfume raw materials, perfume bottles, and diffuser bottles to get you started. Here’s a quick round-up to start:

Citronelle Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oil based on citronella is a good base for your anti-mosquito product. Citronella comes from a plant called Cymbopogon, which is said to be called the “lemon balm”: it has a citrus aroma like a stronger form of lemongrass. Citronella is strong enough to mask the human skin scents that naturally attract mosquitoes, instead repelling these pesky bugs away.

Pocket Spray PET Bottles

Want to repel insects on the go? Look no further than PET bottles with carabiners! These easy travel-sized PET bottles will help you bring your favorite products along for the ride wherever. This would be especially helpful when anticipating the need for insect repellents outdoors.

Diffuser Bottles

What if you want your home to be insect-free? Reed diffusers might just work for you. You could make a more concentrated insect repellant, with its aroma to be diffused out of the sticks. This can be marketed as a home care product or spa accessory.

Hanging Diffuser Bottles

Combining the travel bottles and diffusers into one! These are some of our latest products which you can take on the go (maybe hang in your car) or leave at home as a decorative element. Either way, you can definitely have a good business proposition selling insect guard diffuser kits with these cute bottles included.

We hope we got you excited about these possibilities! There is a lot to be done for more functional fragrance products, and anti-insect diffuser bottles are just one of them. You can also use fragrance oils to make moisturizing lotions, soaps, and more. The Grasse Fragrance Company will surely have something to help you along the way.

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