Grasse Fragrance Tutorials: Fragrance Oils Beyond Perfume Making

Welcome to our fragrance tutorial series! As the top fragrances supplier in Manila, the Grasse Fragrance team gets a lot of questions about perfume making and perfume raw materials. Here, we’ll teach you how to start your own business with our tips and tricks. For this blog, we’ll walk you through what else fragrance oils can be used for aside from perfume.

When thinking of products related to scent, perfume would be the first in mind. However, scent has its role to play in just about every cosmetic, beauty, and even home care product. We have been a fragrances supplier in the Philippines not just to perfume makers, but to all kinds of entrepreneurs in recent years.

Fragrance oils are the basis for many applications that indulge our olfactory senses. Any fragrances supplier knows that these oils are the basis from which modern fragrant products get their inspiration. This is not just limited to perfumes and colognes, but a wider range of items that can be found in our everyday lives. Hence, with our extensive library of fragrance oils and perfume raw materials, you’d be surprised at what other product ideas you can get. We’ve rounded up a few suggestions here just for you:


Ready for a spa day? Candles are made all the more better when they’re scented with fragrance oils. This could be a great idea if you’re looking to sell aromatherapy or candle-making kits. And we’re not just a fragrances supplier––we also have the glass jars if you need packaging for candles.

Car and room fresheners, cleaning sprays

Our living spaces can sometimes be prone to foul odors, even after everything is spick and span. We have a range of freshener and household scents that would be perfect for these products. After all, you always want your clean room to smell like it too.

Soaps and dishwashing liquids

Whatever we just said about cleaning spray applies to soap too. Keeping the germs away is more rewarding with a fresh scent. Explore fruity, floral, or even celebrity fragrance oils to keep everything smelling great––which is a great mood booster anytime. Our perfume raw materials can also help with these cosmetic products.

In the same way that fragrance oils suit different applications, so do they cater to every individual’s taste. Browse our fragrance oils to find the right scent for you and your products. There are so many possibilities that you can consider for your business, and The Grasse Fragrance Company is here to help as a packaging and fragrances supplier.

If you’re still looking for perfume raw materials in particular, you may also be interested in our perfume making tutorial packages. We have teamed up with known experts in the fragrance industry to deliver tutorial kits for any of your perfume making needs, from scents to packaging. The combination of perfume raw materials will be included in the tutorial cost.

Want to learn more about fragrances and packaging? Get a head start on your perfume business with The Grasse Fragrance Company as a trusted fragrances supplier and perfume raw materials supplier in the Philippines. We offer a variety of fragrance oils, PET bottles, glass perfume bottles, jars, and other perfume raw materials or packaging solutions. To learn more about our products and services, follow us at and shop at today.

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