Grasse Fragrance Tutorials: 3 Questions to Start Your Perfume Business

Welcome to our fragrance tutorial series! As the top fragrance and perfume bottle supplier in Manila, the Grasse Fragrance team gets a lot of questions about perfume making. Here, we’ll teach you how to start your own perfume business with our tips and tricks. For this blog, we’ll walk you through some questions to ask yourself about your perfume brand.

Every great endeavor starts as an idea. That applies to fragrance and perfume making too. Before you start moving, there’s a lot of thinking and planning to be done, especially with so many possibilities out there. Your fragrance supplier or perfume bottle supplier can always show you their offerings for inspiration, but the decision is up to you. So how do you choose what scents, what packaging, or what direction to take your fragrance business altogether?

To answer that big question, here are three others that you might want to ask yourself first:

Who is my target market?

Whether you’re targeting men or women, teens or moms, makes all the difference in perfume making. There are fragrances that work for different groups of people, and you have to know your customers to know what works for them. Some people may not be willing to shell out money for more premium or sophisticated fragrances; others might want to do just that. Or you might even be barking up the wrong tree by trying to sell a scent concept to a group that wouldn’t be familiar with it. Either way, you need to understand who you’re talking to before deciding on any perfume raw materials from your fragrance supplier.

What is my positioning strategy?

It’s not time for fragrance making just yet. After understanding your customers’ needs and wants, that’s when you can start to drill down the details. Break your business down into the four P’s: Product, Price, Place, then Promotions can follow later. Since you have an idea of your target market, now you can decide what kind of scents or perfume benefits they’re looking for in a product. You can align the formulation to a desired price point that will give them value for money and decide the most accessible channels to sell these products.

How can I get this strategy off the ground?

Of course, your four P’s should help you form a clearer plan––something that’s feasible. But first and foremost, you’ll need to develop a product. Luckily, The Grasse Fragrance Company offers perfume tutorials, fragrance making sessions, and perfume raw materials for anyone interested.

We also offer starter kits with fragrance oils and some packaging options to get you started. After teaching you how to make your own perfume, you can choose the best look by browsing our many perfume and fragrance bottles. We’re not only a fragrances supplier in the Philippines, but one recognized locally for helping young entrepreneurs thrive.

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