exclusive distributor expressions parfumees

The Grasse Fragrance Co. is the exclusive distributor of Expressions Parfumées

A prestigious fragrance house in Grasse, France. Known as The Company of Perfumers, the founders of the company are all professional perfumers who are recognized for their expertise.

Through Expressions Parfumées, we supply fragrances for these major perfumery markets:

Fine Fragrances
Cosmetics and Toiletries
Air and Home care

The Grasse Fragrance Co. further delivers a range of perfumery solutions:

→ Provide extensive technical assistance to our customers
→ Suggest the ideal application of your perfume in a specific base or formulation.
→ Conduct strict stability tests to guarantee the quality of your product.

With a team of dedicated, experienced perfumers, Expressions Parfumées works extensively with us, providing access to their company’s comprehensive fragrance library consisting of countless fragrance profiles. Along with quarterly visits to the Philippines to give technical training and marketing updates, Expressions Parfumées also offers regular visits to France, giving The Grasse Fragrance Co. team specialized knowledge and training.

Since its beginnings in 1982, Expressions Parfumées’ success can be attributed to its essential principles of reactivity and flexibility to deliver faster than industry standard while providing top service to all our customers, even for small quantities.

Client satisfaction is an important part of our philosophy, ensuring faster delivery time and shipments that are on-schedule.

The Grasse Fragrance Co., together with Expressions Parfumées, is a company dedicated to service, establishing a solid partnership with their clients, and a real sense of dynamism to provide efficiency, speed, and safety, while still maintaining the highest of quality standards.

Together, we offer a perfect match of high tech creativity and quality, with unmatched flexibility, constant innovation, and reliable and flexible personal service.

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Since 2006, we have ensured the continuing success of clients in the business of fragrances personal care products.