Expressions ParfumÉes

Making Fragrance A Language That Speaks to Everyone

The founders of Expressions Parfumées, which was established in 1982 in Grasse, believe that fragrance is free, creative, sensual and universal. Today, Expressions Parfumées designs the perfumes of tomorrow – fragrances with a new breath of life while anchored in tradition – drawing inspiration from trends that reveal the beauty of life, from human values and from a wealth of natural and synthetic raw materials. Cutting-edge equipment optimizes all stages of production, from large to small quantities. The latest technology not only ensures time efficiency between creation and production, it also controls costs. With a reputation for creativity, efficiency and quality, Expressions Parfumées is one of the fragrance houses that has helped Grasse remain the world’s perfume capital.

The Grasse Fragrance Co. is the exclusive distributor of Expressions Parfumées in the Philippines.



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