Expressions Parfumées: 4 Facts About Our Partner Perfume Supplier

As a top fragrances supplier and perfume supplier in the Philippines, The Grasse Fragrance Company has over 700 fragrances available and perfume raw materials for your every need. But of course, quality is just as important to us as the quantity of options we offer. We are the exclusive distributor of renowned French fragrances supplier Expressions Parfumées in the Philippines, which allows us access to top tier imported fragrances and sets us apart from other local fragrances suppliers.

If you’re new to perfume making, we’d like to introduce you to our partner, Expressions Parfumées, to understand the rich heritage that our fragrances bring. We are proud to be the partner of a prestigious brand in fragrance making for these reasons:

Expressions Parfumées has been a perfume supplier for almost 40 years.

The company was founded in 1982, hailing from the perfume capital of the world. Expressions’ home has always been Grasse, France, where many perfume raw materials are carefully sourced. Grasse is home to many other famous perfume suppliers such as Fragonard and Galimard, and Expressions is among these revered fragrances institutions in the region.

Expressions Parfumées is committed to quality and responsible sourcing.

It was the first fragrances supplier to be awarded the French Origin Guaranteed label by Bureau Veritas, which emphasizes its products’ quality. Expressions’ head research laboratories are set up in the heart of Grasse and continuously work on “safe, stable, and attractive” perfume raw materials with utmost traceability. Now, it also has facilities in Bangkok and Dubai working on even more fragrance innovations.

This fragrances supplier also prioritizes environmental sustainability.

Expressions is an ECOCERT-certified company in the field of natural perfumes. ECOCERT is a globally recognized certification for organic products in over 80 countries. The company has a strong Environmental Management System that they adhere to. Expressions recycles 94% of its waste and uses energy-efficient operating practices.

Expressions innovates in fragrance making and perfume making.

As an entrepreneur, you should always try to be one step ahead of the competition. In the field of perfume making, Expressions does just that. Our partner is always researching on new trends in cosmetics or even the natural products world. They release new scents and technologies that create new sensorial experiences for fragrance enthusiasts.

These are just some of the reasons we continue to partner with Expressions Parfumées. The Grasse Fragrance Company brings you these premium French fragrances at reasonable retail and wholesale costs, so that you can enjoy quality perfume raw materials.

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