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Witness the epitome of sophistication in packaging. The Grasse Fragrance Co., a locally prominent name in manufacturing, presents an overwhelming array of high-quality glass and PET food jars, beverage containers, and cream jars. Spanning across diverse industries—cosmetics, food and beverage, health and beauty, and personal care—our jars are a testament to innovation and sophistication. We envision and create, catering to the unique packaging needs of entrepreneurs and businesses of all scales. Elegance, versatility, and durability converge in every jar we craft, paying tribute to artistry and function.

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Unveiling an olfactory symphony, The Grasse Fragrance Co. proudly stands as the exclusive distributor of Expressions Parfumées, a prestigious fragrance house nestled in the heart of Grasse, France. Our treasure trove boasts a massive library of fragrance oils, each an ode to distinct tastes and preferences. Wander through our fragrant collections, where scents echo personalities and stories. From timeless, refined fragrances to playful baby notes and invigorating car aromas, we offer an expansive range to suit every discerning taste. Your journey through scents begins here—a melody of fragrance, waiting to be composed by you and your unique essence.