A Dream Tour of the Perfume Capital: Grasse, France as our Fragrance Inspiration

The Grasse Fragrance Company is the exclusive distributor of renowned French fragrances supplier Expressions Parfumées (EP) in the Philippines. We are inspired by the French province of Grasse, which has been known as the Perfume Capital since the 18th century. Since some of the world’s most famous perfume raw materials (like Chanel No. 5) hail from the region, we wanted to be its namesake locally. And so, The Grasse Fragrance Company is a top fragrances supplier and perfume bottle supplier in the Philippines.

It would be our dream to bring our customers to Grasse, for the sheer craft of perfume making. The place was declared a UNESCO Cultural Site because of its rich perfume raw materials history, so woven into the region’s cultural fabric. A trip to Grasse would be inspiring for any entrepreneur in the fragrances supplier industry. To get you inspired, here are some activities in Grasse on our bucket list––which we think you should have on yours too:

Take a tour with a fragrance expert

A perfumer or fragrance expert is often called a “Nose”: someone trained in the art of identifying different scents. It’s astonishing how certain people from perfume suppliers can detect various notes in just one product, but these professionals are relatively more common in Grasse than in other places. You can research to book one independently, or you can…

Walk through the factory of a fragrances supplier

Grasse has various perfumeries open where you can see perfumes made by prestigious brands. One famous fragrances supplier is Fragonard. Their perfumery tour is one of the best since you can walk through their distillery all the way to their perfume labs to understand the entire process.

Visit the perfume museum

The world’s only International Perfume Museum can be found in Grasse. This consists of four buildings that will walk you through the history of scent and its forms, and even through an old perfumery and hotel. You’ll definitely walk out with new ideas on fragrances, and even fragrance bottles as well as perfume packaging.

Take a perfume making class or fragrance tutorial

In many of these perfumeries like Fragonard, you’ll even be able to sit in and make your own perfume from the world’s finest. You’ll listen to some of the world’s foremost experts on perfume making or fragrance formulation, and get ready to start making your own.

All of these definitely sound exciting, and we can’t wait to go back to Grasse, France and do them too. But if it’s too far away, The Grasse Fragrance Company is here for fragrance tutorials and perfume making classes in the Philippines. We have your back as a little slice of Grasse in the country, as a fragrances and perfume supplier that you can count on.

Want to learn more about fragrances and packaging? Get a head start on your perfume business with The Grasse Fragrance Company as a trusted fragrances supplier and perfume supplier in the Philippines. We offer a variety of fragrance oils, PET bottles, glass perfume bottles, jars, and other perfume raw materials or packaging solutions. We also offer tutorials for perfume making and fragrances making. To learn more about our products and services, follow us at www.facebook.com/grassefragranceco and shop at www.grassefragranceonline.com today.

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