8 Scents to Boost Your Mood Instantly

Known as the scent region of the brain in which the olfactory bulb is housed, the limbic system is also closely associated with memory and emotion. That’s why there are smells that trigger specific memories in each individual. Research has even shown that the human nose can detect and distinguish between a trillion scents. The sense of smell is so powerful that people can remember a scent after a year with an accuracy of 65%.

The same thing is true when it comes to the mood. Did you know that scents can evoke emotions and affect energy levels? Smell is even said to influence behavior and productivity. However, as each person has a different mechanism on how to perceive and respond to fragrances, a scent’s effect on an individual may be different from another’s.

Knowing this, you should choose a scent that affects you in the best possible way. What makes you feel good? What energizes you? Here are some mood-altering fragrances that you may want to consider:


When you think of a fragrance that soothes and relieves stress and anxiety, lavender comes to mind. Commonly used as an essential oil and known for its many therapeutic benefits, this scent can instantly calm and relax the mind and body.


Similar to lavender, citrus is packed with many uses and benefits for health and wellness. Cheerful and refreshing, the zingy and fruity scent from grapefruits, lemons, oranges and limes brings out positivity and good vibes. Need a pick-me-up? Citrus fragrances can start your day better than coffee.


Fresh, cool and soothing, peppermint is said to boost motivation, concentration and cognitive stamina. It keeps you awake and focused for better work performance. Menthol, a compound present in peppermint and mint oils, helps relieve headaches and nerve pains.


According to Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, rosemary is for remembering, and she’s right. Studies have shown that this scent enhances memory and boosts mental clarity. It is also anxiety- and stress-busting and energy-boosting.


Jasmine gives off one of the most potent and intense aromas that clear the mind, calm the nerves and revive the mood. It is both an antidepressant and aphrodisiac, helping alleviate emotional stress and treat sleep disorders.


Among floral scents, rose is the most popular because of its romantic quality. True to form, it has an aphrodisiac property, but it is also useful as an anti-depressant. It is said to boost confidence and self-esteem as well.


Cinnamon is useful in more than just your favorite dessert. As a scent, it enhances memory and attention and improves visual-motor coordination. It also prevents irritability and drowsiness and eases headaches.


Associated with relaxation and happiness, vanilla is the perfect scent to get through a tough day. It calms the mind and body to fight off depression, anger, restlessness and anxiety.

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