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NATCO Perfumes

Within the complex world of fragrances, glass and plastic bottles manufacturer The Grasse Fragrance Co.’s French partners Expressions Parfumées have developed a subsidiary to introduce a unique type of fragrance oil.

To quote:

“NATCO® (NATural COmpounds) perfumes are designed to adapt to any production labelled “organic” in compliance with the regulatory constraints. This major innovation accompanies the emergence of a market which is becoming increasingly important in the world of cosmetics and perfume in general. That is why we are pursuing this approach and we stand out in this field.”

With the growing trend and demand for natural and organic products, many companies have begun to incorporate essential oils and scents to their offerings to comply with standards that distinguish their products as natural.

Using pure essential oils is not only costly, but also limited in terms of the range of smells being produced. With NATCO scents, though selections are priced slightly higher than synthetic fragrance oils, a wider range of fragrance options that conform to natural and organic product regulations are available and accessible.

Expressions Parfumées is a pioneer in the development of ECOCERT-certified perfumes with NATCO being their unique creation, contributing to the growth of eco-minded businesses and individuals.

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