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How to Store Fragrance Oils

As a reputable glass bottles supplier and distributor of fragrance oils in the Philippines, we at The Grasse Fragrance Co. often receive a lot of questions on how to handle our products, one of the most frequent is this: “How do I properly store my fragrance oils?”

The proper storage of fragrance oils is often overlooked because when it comes to the perfume-making business, truth be told, this aspect is not very exciting. It is, however, very integral, particularly to the quality and shelf life of the fragrances. Simply changing the way you handle and keep your fragrance oils can not only preserve the scent’s freshness, but extend its life span by several years as well.

Here are some tips on how to properly store fragrance oils:

  1. Store your fragrance oils in low-temperature environments. According to experts, the best temperature to keep scents fresh for as long as possible is between 15°C to 25°C.
  2. As much as possible, avoid rapid changes in the temperature of the environment you stored your fragrance oils in. If a temperature fluctuation is inevitable, or if you simply need to move your fragrances to a new storage location with a different temperature, make sure that the temperature change is minimal.
  3. Store your fragrance oils in a dark place away from sunlight. It’s also helps to place oils in dark-colored bottles, usually those which have an amber or cobalt tint.
  4. Store your fragrance oils in airtight, non-reactive containers. For all scents and perfumes, glass is the best material to preserve their quality and freshness, followed by drum and HDPE containers. Some cosmetic plastic bottles are also designed to hold fragrance oils specifically.

From these tips we realize that temperature and storage location play a big role in securing the quality and longevity of your fragrance oils. For instance, a high fluctuation in temperature leads to oxidation, which changes the color and scent of the oils.

The Grasse Fragrance Co. is a glass and plastic bottles manufacturer for essential oils and fragrances. To learn more about our products and services, contact us at (02) 890-8269.

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