Interested in mixing your own perfumes?  Don’t know where to start?  At the Grasse Fragrance Company, we offer a seminar teaching you exact that!  The perfect course to teach you all you need to know how to mix your own fragrances, whether you’re starting your own business, or if you just want to learn!

Our perfume mixing seminar starts at PHP 990 and offers:

Hands-on training with our staff that teaches you how to start mixing your own perfumes

A starter kit that contains all the materials needed to mix your own perfume including:

  • 125ml perfume oil
  • 1liter of Alcohol
  • 10g of fixative
  • 300g of lotion base
  • 6 assorted bottles
  • The “the Grasse Frangrance Company” manual reference guide

Why wait?  Come down to “the Grasse Frangrance Company” and take a lesson today!