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NATCO Perfumes

Within the complex world of fragrances, glass and plastic bottles manufacturer The Grasse Fragrance Co.’s French partners Expressions Parfumées have developed a subsidiary to introduce a unique type of fragrance oil. To quote:

“NATCO® (NATural COmpounds) perfumes are designed to adapt to a…

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SMYPC Strike Partnership

Glass and plastic bottles manufacturer The Grasse Fragrance Company is proud to announce its partnership with San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation (SMYPC). As SMYPC’s licensed distributor, we have added a full range of glass food packaging containers to our existing product lines.

The Sa…

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The Fragrance Pyramid

A single fragrance can be best expressed through various metaphors specific to an individual’s experience. One may liken it to a wild, harmonious symphony, while another may describe it as an enthralling story. Despite the many ways a person can explain the nature of scents, this ability stems f…

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8 Scents to Boost Your Mood Instantly

Known as the scent region of the brain in which the olfactory bulb is housed, the limbic system is also closely associated with memory and emotion. That’s why there are smells that trigger specific memories in each individual. Research has even shown that the human nose can detect and distinguis…

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Our Skin and Fragrance

The skin is the largest organ in the body, considering the wide surface area it covers. With its distinct composition, plus plenty of other factors, it’s no wonder why our skin reacts differently to scents and perfumes, with some effects being subtle and barely noticeable, while others are not. …

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The Emotional Impact of Fragrances

Fragrance is a powerful thing. Like with sights and sounds, each person perceives and responds to scents differently. What makes fragrance unique, however, is its ability to strongly trigger memories and experiences from the past, whether happy or not. With these reminders arise varying emotions…

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